Reaching Out

Friday , 4, January 2019 1 Comment

Hands reaching towards one another

Reaching Out

This blog, “Through a Rabbit Hole”, takes its name from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll. This is a favorite book of mine since childhood; I realized as an adult that Alice’s falling down the rabbit hole is a perfect representation of what it’s like to suffer from mental illness—in my case, chronic depression and anxiety.


In Alice’s attempts to follow a unique looking white rabbit running by, she ends up slowly falling down a seemingly bottomless rabbit hole. Her journey to get through Wonderland and return home, causes her to face many obstacles—some terrifying, while others merely seem “curiouser and curiouser.” Her struggles in dealing with each one of them eventually land her back home and her “normal” self.


This blog is meant to be viewed as an opportunity to anyone who experiences the struggles, the ups and downs of mental illness, and to share stories–hopefully finding some support for yourself. While I am a trained clinical social worker, I am not putting myself into the position of a therapist. Please do not take any of my postings as professional advice. I am solely offering a platform; feel free to respond to any posting—but only with kindness, gentleness and a lack of judgment. All offensive postings will be deleted.


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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