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Hi! I’m Sharon W.  Thanks for stopping by.

“Through a Rabbit Hole” has been inspired by several sources. First, my own wrestling with periods of depression, and the different ways I have sought to fight my way through it. Second are the enormous difficulties I have watched others face in light of their own emotional struggles. And third, is my lifelong love of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; I have admired this book since childhood, and it was only as an adult that I was able to appreciate her struggles after falling down the rabbit hole, encountering and conquering the many obstacles faced along the journey, and finding her way upward and out of the darkness. Lewis Carroll was truly a genius. 

My background lies in Music Therapy, Social Work and Religious Education (loved school!). I have worked as a therapist, teacher and administrator; none of my work made a difference in avoiding mental illness, but it might have helped me to be open to new ideas and the courage to seek help.

The aim of this blog is to share experiences in the struggle for sanity and wading through cobwebs. I hope that by relating my story, that others may feel inclined to ask questions and share their own stories as well. If I am able to shed a bit of light and hope into someone’s life, I consider this blog a worthwhile effort!